top tips for

taking care of your jewellery

how to take care of my pieces

our pouches aren't just for show. try to keep your jewellery stored in them when not being worn.

what are the big no-nos?

precious jewellery is susceptible to the chemicals in beauty products. so try to apply your perfume, make-up, moisturisers and sun tan lotion without your pieces on. also, try and avoid spending long periods of time with your jewellery in direct sunlight.
it also goes without saying, take your jewellery off before swimming and bathing.

cleaning your jewellery

the best way to clean your jewellery is with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth.

what causes jewellery to fade?

swimming, showering or washing in jewellery can cause your them to erode and fade. gold plating can react with chlorine, salt and fresh water. so to keep shining on, take your pieces off.