about frkl.

frkl. was born after a period of soul searching. a realisation that what we’re all after is a deeper sense of connection. in a world that celebrates the individual above all else secretly we’re yearning to be part of something bigger, to belong, to find our tribe.

at frkl. we want to help people feel CONNECTED… to themselves, to others and to the wider world. every piece of jewellery is made with this in mind. a collection of base pieces that can be adorned, added to and loved forever. to mark birthdays and break-ups, new ventures and wild adventures. pieces that connect them; to a place they love, a person, a memory, a milestone, a victory. connecting the dots of their lives and linking them to like-minded souls.every single piece in the collection is made with this in mind. personal but shared. Style choices that are about more.

our armour and our comfort - we want our frkl. flock to feel connected and empowered to show up authentically every single day. to build a wardrobe of pieces that can be adorned, added-to and cherished forever.frkl. - made to connect.

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