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Skye Raw Turquoise Charm

Skye Raw Turquoise Charm

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 we've got a list as long as your arm as to why you need some turquoise in your life!

turquoise is known as a purification stone, which helps dispel any negative vibes. if that wasn't enough, it also brings luck, peace and protection. December babies, it's also your birthstone!

our Skye Raw Turquoise Charm is designed to be worn on repeat across all your frkl jewellery. whether it's a necklace, earrings or bracelet kinda day (or if you're like us, all three!), wear it to your heart's content.

price is for the charm only.

length: stones, much like frkl, are one of a kind. lengths may vary.
width: width may also vary.
weight: weight is also subject to natural variance.

care: we've made it easier than ever to look after your Skye Raw Turquoise Charm, so you can wear it on repeat. check out our jewellery care page here.


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