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Minotaur Necklace - Freshwater Pearl & Malachite

Minotaur Necklace - Freshwater Pearl & Malachite

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"you're stubborn as a bull".
we'll take that as a compliment.

the Minotaur Necklace is half freshwater pearl, half deep green malachite with an 18 carat gold-plated fastening.

born of Minos' pride, Poseidon's anger, and Pasiphae’s lust, the Minotaur was the most fearsome of creature of Greek myth.

we chose this name, not to be monstrous, but to show that what can sometimes be seen as a flaw can be your greatest weapon, and your armour for daily life.

length: 38cm + 5cm
width: 1cm
weight: 20g

care: we've made it easier than ever to look after your Minotaur Necklace, so you can wear it on repeat. check out our jewellery care page here.

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