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Harpy Necklace - Freshwater Pearl & Blue Stone

Harpy Necklace - Freshwater Pearl & Blue Stone

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half freshwater pearl, half blue agate, our Harpy Necklace is the perfect pop of colour for any outfit & silently support you on the daily.

winged creatures from Greek mythology, the harpies had the face of the woman and the body of a bird. what better way to connect our frkl flock than this fearsome beauty?

the half-and-half design is perfectly paired with a 18 carat gold-plated clasp. layer it up with our mega or your favourite old gold.

length: 42cm
width: 1cm
weight: 30g

care: we've made it easier than ever to look after your Harpy Necklace, so you can wear it on repeat. check out our jewellery care page here.

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